Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is the Bathroom Done Yet

浴室到底好了沒? 說好是好了, 可以上廁所, 可以洗澡, 也可以洗手了, 就是還有很多細活還不算正式完成... 小恩仔的爸, 你真的很厲害啦, 可是收工可不可以收得快一點...

就在小恩仔出生前幾天, 終於收到飄洋過海一個月的雙人洗手台, 趕在他出生前急匆匆地拼裝好, 原以為只要組裝好放入即可,沒想到還花了不少功夫;

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Turning One Month

Time flies. Little en just turned one month on Monday. Everyday is like a brand new challenge to his papa and mama. Just when i thought i would never find time to update the blog again, here I am in front of the computer, browsing tons of pictures of my little en. I miss him even when he's right next room.

Look how fast he grows! Making faces to me already...

"HAY! I only drink organic milk."

"Daddy, please put your shirt back on..."

Would you marry mommy?

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