Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Little en’s First Year Photo Project

Inspired by Making it Lovely, I took a monthly photo of little en wearing the same shirt, in the same background for the first year of his life. The photos were mostly taken by me but it became more and more difficult to keep little en staying still, so daddy gave a hand for the 11th and 12th month shoots. I tried to pick the “milestone” shots like 5-month sitting up, 6-month crawling, and 12-month growing two little teethes. They are obviously not professional shots. I didn't even attempt to post process these photos. You may see the lighting is different, some blurry here and there, and many of them are not even in the same setting. Anyhow, the whole point is to document the rapidest growing moment from a baby to a toddler. It is so much fun to see him grow from each month especially when all the pictures were gathered together!

Hope you enjoyed your first 12 months my love :D

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Growing Lego Modular Town

The mantel project has officially done. I’m glad that my Lego modular building collection is now displayed here on the beautiful mantel.

You might find them in our Christmas decor post; however, without the tallest Town Hall buildings, they didn't seem to come together quite yet. This Town Hall is by far the tallest building among modular buildings and its interior has improved to be more detailed and organized.

There are three stories: 1st floor contains an entrance hallway, a registry office, an auditorium (that is open ceiling to the third floor) and an elevator waiting room. That’s right, an elevator, the coolest part of the building in my opinion. It could reach and stop by any floor.

2nd floor is the mayor's office and a little secretary desk in front of the elevator. 3rd floor is a grand conference room. The globe is turnable! The clock of the great bell on top of the building is also turnable, neat!  

It’s more like a growing Lego Modular street at this point… :D

<< Fire Brigade

Pet Shop>>

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Give Mantel a Crown

話說有了"門面"的壁爐, 該是給壁爐台一點點綴了; Small project No.3: Give mantel a crown:

Step 1. 先用 baseboard 把底先填滿; 電鑽 (hammer drill) 栓入磚頭內

Friday, March 13, 2015

Turning Eleven Months

明天就是小恩仔一歲生日了!! 迫不及待騎上奶奶送的小腳踏車, 雖然腳腳還踏不到坐得到是挺穩的;
據外婆說, 媽媽我兩歲多不會騎, 生氣地在地上打滾發脾氣... 看來小恩仔四肢發達是像爸爸多些...

這第十一個月小恩仔渡過了第一個中國年; 相差不到三個月, 超級無比可愛的大眼表弟熱情招呼~

小恩仔能聽懂的話也越來越多, 大約聽得進去"不可以放進嘴巴喔!" 乖乖地摸摸研究媽媽的 Lego...


Monday, March 9, 2015

Happiness in Royal Blue

February 28, 2015 Ally & Jeff’s wedding - Blue

I wasn't expect that I could be someone’s bridesmaid after being a mama. It was a beautiful and pleasant night.

The bridesmaid dresses were royal blue with silver accessory, elegant and delicate.

The venue was just like its name, vintage, eclectic and it was decorated with Bride’s favorite color -- Blue.

May the years ahead be filled with joy and happiness. Congratulations to the couple!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Leather Anniversary

Three years. Happy Anniversary my man ;)

I bought a pair of travel leather luggage tag with our initial for our Leather Anniversary:

I couldn't recall what we did for our 2nd Anniversary. However, I insisted that we should continue the gift tradition (see our Paper Anniversary) to purchase something “cotton” for our Cotton Anniversary so I bought ourselves a pair of Life is Good T-shirt:

On the other hand, Charles promised me a canvas of our honeymoon photo to be hung on our bedroom wall; It didn’t happen until I kept nagging about it this year… He saw a deal on Groupon $6.99 8x12 Canvas + $9.99 shipping. He bought five of them to complete the panorama that he took in Bora Bora:

Over our new headboard, sweet~

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