Friday, March 27, 2015

The Growing Lego Modular Town

The mantel project has officially done. I’m glad that my Lego modular building collection is now displayed here on the beautiful mantel.

You might find them in our Christmas decor post; however, without the tallest Town Hall buildings, they didn't seem to come together quite yet. This Town Hall is by far the tallest building among modular buildings and its interior has improved to be more detailed and organized.

There are three stories: 1st floor contains an entrance hallway, a registry office, an auditorium (that is open ceiling to the third floor) and an elevator waiting room. That’s right, an elevator, the coolest part of the building in my opinion. It could reach and stop by any floor.

2nd floor is the mayor's office and a little secretary desk in front of the elevator. 3rd floor is a grand conference room. The globe is turnable! The clock of the great bell on top of the building is also turnable, neat!  

It’s more like a growing Lego Modular street at this point… :D

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