Friday, September 30, 2016

Out and About | Where Peacocks All Around

微旅行第三站: Arboretum Garden, Arcadia
偶爾開車經過這個大噴水池一直不知道是哪裡, 這回才知道, 原來這裡是一座縣政府設立的植物園, 園地規劃和常造訪的 Huntington Library 有著異曲同工之妙, 雖然少了大型的博物館建築, 卻因著開放性飼養孔雀成了園區的一大特色成了一大特色, 走在園區時不時有孔雀出現同行...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Out and About | On Board the Queen Mary

微旅行第二站: Long Beach, California, Queen Mary/ 長灘, 瑪麗皇后號

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Out and About | Pick a Day to LA County Fair

Double E’s 公公婆婆來訪, 展開為期一個月的微旅行, 第一站: LA County Fair
距離上回去玩 LA County Fair 恐怕是念高中的時候吧?! 今年加入新成員樂樂, 家裡的車已載不下所有的人, 只好委託奶奶當天幫我們看小樂樂, 到了地點後非常慶幸樂樂沒有跟來, 因為太陽實在很大, 對小 baby 來說實在太辛苦了...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Turning Five Months

My sweet muffin is over five months old. She rolls over like crazy! The time that I could just put her down worry free has come to an end. I have to watch her not to flip over and fall off the chair.

I’ll never get enough of this laughter XD
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