Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A New Home for Toys

大約兩年前整頓 master bedroom 的時候想找個儲存箱可以把冬天的大棉被收起來, 在 IKEA 發現一只木邊箱子 (Apa Storage Box - discontinued) 居然只要$15!! 一口氣買了兩個; 最近想著恩仔房間的擺設, 想給他一個 Toy Chest, 他爸爸說要自己做 (Inspiration comes from here) 我想等爸爸能有時間做完, 恩仔可能已經不需要 Toy Chest...看著逐漸堆積起來的玩具, 還是等不及地把其中一只箱子搬出來:

箱子的白色面板有點單調, 把去年在台北夜市亂買的壁貼拿出來, 裝飾一下:

不過箱子的蓋子是分開的, 這個時候就得邀請爸爸出場了; 買了兩個超小的 hinges 和一個 universal lid support, 在僅有的細細木條兩邊上栓上 hinges

量好尺寸在箱子的右邊栓上 lid support:

有了 lid support 蓋子就可輕易打開且固定, 也不會 "碰!"地砸到手手 :)

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Husband Bought Me a House

Charles bought me this set probably for my birthday or Christmas years ago when we were child-free. I finally got around to finish building it a few days ago :)

Combine all the small fragment of spare time, I think it took me about two and a half hours to complete this Pet Shop set. It’s the easiest and the smallest modular buildings that I worked on so far. I felt a little underwhelmed afterwards but when it was lined with the rest of the buildings, I found a miniature street of Amsterdam on the mantel in our living room, lovely :)

Amsterdam Street

This Pet Shop set is actually two independent buildings.

The pet shop is on the first floor of the blue building. A dog, a cat, a fish tank and two parrots, there are quite a lot of details in the pet shop.

The second and the third floor are a studio with a loft, which is a kind of the living space that I would LOVE to experience when I was single...

The red building is a three-story house. The first floor is decorated a little; the interesting part is that it is a raise flooring so that it has a basement access and a secret door that leads you to the living room.

It seemed that the interior was designed purposely to save some lego pieces because all they have are a painter on the second floor and two brown boxes on the third floor. It’s like somebody just move into an empty house, no furnishing at all. I guess it gives builders the freedom to create their own, which is something I wish I'll be working on with little en :)

<< Town Hall

Palace Cinema>>

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Turning Thirteen Months

**I know, I’m one month behind. Little en’s actually turning 14 months today.**

I started a different monthly photo project after little en turned one. I pasted up the paper number over his birthday boy decoration and pinned it to his cloth.  He was surprisingly very cooperative sitting on the chair :)

I try to take him out more often after one. This was the first time visiting Toys R Us. He loves anything that can rotate itself, especially wheels and ceiling fan...

I’m glad I caught this scene before I disciplined him not to go into the bathroom by himself…

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