Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Teepee in the House

I’m really excited here to cross out the last item, a teepee, on my e’s bedroom’s wish list:

 (the crib is currently in use by little el in the master bedroom)
* >>>>>>>>>> A teepee <<<<<<<<<<
* A giant world map (from Ikea)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Turning Seven Months

時間, 你在開我玩笑嗎? 下個禮拜就要感恩節?!

這個月外婆也回台灣了...樂樂想必很失落, 習慣了時時刻刻有人對她講講話, 帶她到前後院看看戶外...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Out and About | Half an Hour on Hollywood Blvd

微旅行最後一站: Hollywood Boulevard

來到洛杉磯似乎不能不去走一走好萊塢大道, 只是一直不太明白為何這麼吸引觀光客的景點, 再加上歷史豐富的好萊塢, 為什麼不能好好重新設計翻新甚至栽培一下... 我想十之八九的觀光客應該都對這條大街很失望吧?! 查理斯還是第一次去哩, 我們只短短待了半個鐘頭... 不過既來之, 就好好走一走吧!
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