Thursday, April 30, 2015

Where Did the Remote Go

Something non-toyish are always kid’s favorite. I bet they love their home remote control much more than their toys… Charles decided to have a designated place for the remote and here’s where he found, not so much practical because I’m usually too lazy to get up and walk to that TV shelf. Anyhow, it is a guaranteed out-of-reach place from children though.

I was a little embarrassed with posting this teeny tiny project of Charles’. But then, I found that people actually sell this kind of product online. Some of them are even at a very ridiculous price like $107 on Amazon!!

First cut, sanded, and sprayed paint a piece of wood about two feet long.

Measured the length between the original TV brackets and used that measurement to install two additional brackets on that piece of wood.

Screwed them together…

There you go! Total cost for this project: $4.00 for two pieces of metal.

I know, my Lego modulars block most of the TV… I moved them here temporarily because Charles was upgrading the mantel at the same time...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Turning Twelve Months

It’s so hard to believe that an entire year has passed since the first kicks in my tummy and the first labor pains, not to mention those sleepless nights. My baby little en just turned ONE last month, oh my active baby pooh :)

我們舉行了一個簡單的抓週儀式, 放了他最喜歡的 Dr.Seuss 書書, 平常不讓他拿的 Sharpie, 玩過的小火箭, 沒玩過的車車和飛機, 猜猜看小朋友是喜歡拿平常拿不到的東西, 或是選擇愛不釋手的玩具, 還是從沒看過的新鮮玩意?


一歲後也開始對人事物有了更多的參與, 參加了其他寶寶的 Birthday Party...

還去了一趟 California Science Center…

忙碌又充實的一歲一個月, 我想他應該很開心長大這件事...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tearing Down the Walls Again

房間清空後每天早上都會讓小恩仔走一遭他未來的臥室, 這回一點也不拖泥帶水, 比照浴室開工的模式, 花錢請人拆牆壁, 省掉最麻煩最耗時的工, 建築廢物也有妥善的處置;
歷經臥房廚房大客廳浴室的拆牆過程, 像這樣沒有牆壁的房間已經算是司空見慣了:



由於天花板還是舊式的 popcorn ceiling, 所以連天花板都一併拆除了;
還有個 mini walk-in closet, 未來有機會加蓋的時候會將其打開成走廊, 暫時沒有特別設想如何使用

不過像這樣創意地 playhouse in the closet 很是令人心動啊... 
木工越來越上手的爸爸, 這應該不會太難吧?!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A New Plan for en’s Bedroom

第二間房間長久以來是個儲藏室, 頂多成為一個不很體面的臨時客房, 從來都是亂糟糟充滿灰塵... 自 Master BedroomLiving room 植入隔熱玻璃棉, 這是最後一間還在冬冷夏熱的房間; 查理斯稍微暫停手邊的 Small Projects, 打算再度破牆翻新, 畢竟這終究是要"還"給小恩仔的房間...

暫定 Floor Plan:

查理斯月初拿到 permit:

  1. Replace two existing windows
  2. Install insulation
  3. Replace wall and ceiling drywall
  4. Install new outlets

媽媽我早早就 pin 了一堆小孩房, 如今可以開始讓這些靈感慢慢拼湊在一起...

**What I love about this room**: A crib and a twin bed in the same room

**What I love about this room** The gray wall and its pop out natural green

**What I love about this room** The vertical 4x2 Ikea Kallax toy storage

**What I love about this room** A teepee in the bedroom

**What I love about this room** The giant world map decor poster

**What I love about this room** Contrasting wall colors, the floating bookshelf, and the cute striped baskets!

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