Thursday, January 3, 2013

In the Middle of Chaos

Charles has this craziest idea about turning our living room into a home theater. Such as...

Leon Speakers Design

This past weekend he completed tearing down all the walls, stuffing some itchy fiberglass up for insulation, and rebuilding a few pieces of drywalls. See that cove lighting in the above picture? I believe that is going to be his next move.

For this dream home theater, we are now in the middle of chaos...

We put up a big huge plastic screen to isolate the construction area.

This is where the big screen is going to be:

And speakers; Now that Charles is going to rebuild the walls, the speakers are going to be built-in!! Fancy~

Speakers will be Infinity CS60 from Fry’s on sales, two for $88.00!

The projector is going to be where the chandelier is now.
I can now visualize a home theater in this middle of chaos...

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