Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014 !!!

A late Merry Christmas from the Chus!

今天無庸置疑是個超級無比非常精彩的一年! 最大的恩典就是小恩仔的加入:

在 Home Improvement 方面, 最值得編入 2014 年回顧當然歸於查理斯徒手打造的浴室完工!!

既使帶著不滿一歲的小恩仔也要旅行的堅持... 美麗的阿拉斯加

隨著恩仔的成長, 明年肯定更加精采可期!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

It Begins to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I should have done this post two weeks ago because Christmas is just around the corner! Anyhow, we are really excited about this year not only because this is little en’s first Christmas but also we bought thechusweethome the very first Christmas tree!

We bought it last year in after-christmas-sales. The original price $279.99, 7.5ft pre-lit floor displayed, was knock down to $83.99. It spins by the way!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gray for Grand Playroom

今年感恩節終於把延宕已久的 family room 完成油漆, 同時也改飾成小恩仔的 playroom:

選用淡淡的海豚灰, 連同擱置在一旁的書架背後的牆都漆上; 比較麻煩的部分還是 sanding, 此間沒有大動作的把牆壁拆下來填玻璃棉, 原本 plaster 牆壁上一粒粒的凹凸不平還是得磨一磨才漆得漂亮, 只是這一磨還是要不少功夫, 為了避免灰塵到處飛揚, 特地用塑膠布比照當時動工 Home Theater 的方式給隔起來

因為年初動工浴室而擱在一邊施工中的書架其實都陸續有小小進展, 再從 IKEA 多買了幾層 IVAR shelves, 查理斯把他珍藏的 fantasy collection 從閣樓搬下來填在書架中...

兩個一長一短 Ikea RIBBA picture ledge; 為了 paper anniversary 買的世界地圖終於有個適合的地方, 走過的地方也多了不少 :)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turning Eight Months

Happy Thanksgiving! Mommy is hanging behind updating little en’s monthly follow-up...

This month we’re having a special guest who plays little en’s twin sister:

They are so much alike!

Both of them like me reading to them too :) Whenever I opened a book and started to read, they would let down whatever they were doing and crawl like a jet toward me.

It’s nice to have a friend play together, isn't it? my dear.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Under the Water

Recently, a friend inquired about our extraordinary engagement session. I digged out those amazing photos and wanted to share here. I don’t think I’ve ever revealed our engagement photos. These photos were once again taken by Johnson Yang, the same photographer who shot our wedding, maternity, and baby little en.

It was a super fun experience. I remember I was having a hard time to sink myself to the bottom of the pool. Charles had no such problem on the other hand, so we tried out different positions so that the photographer could take better shots...

I think the most difficult part was to SMILE naturally. I couldn't help my facial expression to act normal under the water. It was too easy to come out the holding-the-breath look. Anyhow, I still think they are brilliant:

Thank you Johnson, for this memorable experience.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

The first project that is done by using the custom workbench:

We wanted to hang a full length mirror above the mantel and Ikea MONGSTAD was on the list of my living room inspiration last year. We never really put too much thought into it and a few months ago, we got these salvaged mirrors for free:

Friday, October 24, 2014

Turning Seven Months

進入第七個月已經十天了, 過去的一個月可說是相當精彩的一個月, 第一次坐飛機, 第一次坐船, 第一次坐火車, 連救生衣都穿過了! 六個月大就把媽媽可能六歲到十六歲才嘗試的交通工具都搭遍啦!

嬰兒床墊也直接從最高層一口氣移到最低層, 好似迫不及待要爬出來...



Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Small Project for Big Ones

Charles completed a small project for the never-ending home improvement projects in the future:

A workbench it is! He’d been using two plastic folding tables as a work surface for all the past makeover. He had this workbench design in his mind for a while and one day he just got it done!

He installed casters on the legs so the entire workbench becomes movable and can be easily stored in our garage.

The cool thing about this custom made workbench is that the table saw is actually lodged in the table. This combination helps when cutting a long piece of wood, the table works as a out-feed support.

He also made a cross-cut sled. What does it do? to make sure a 90 degree cut.

Total Cost of this workbench is under $100 and it takes two weekends, less than 10hrs, to finish it. Hopefully, this workbench will shorten the time he spends in all the pending projects...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Travel | Life at Sea

最後來看看海上的日子, 一共有兩天沒有停泊的海上漂流日...


很可惜沒有多照幾張住了七個晚上的船艙, 住到後來覺得其實兩個成人加一個 baby 212–359 sq. ft.的空間也可以生活得很好


Holland America 從 Oceanview 艙起衛浴就配有浴缸, 如此一來給恩仔玩個熱水澡也輕鬆多了; 另外, 聽從網路過來人建議, 阿拉斯加郵輪選擇 balcony 可說是把錢花在刀口上, 我們沒有參與船上安排的活動, 倒是花了許多時間在陽台上:

雖然無緣見到 Northern Light, 還是有照到海上的夜空;

在船艙內沒有什麼地方給他爬, Queen-size 的大床就是他的爬爬空間, 床頭有一面超大的鏡子, 刻意在視覺上放大房間, 效果很好, 恩仔很愛他鏡中的好朋友...


Holland America (in fact, Alaska Cruise in general) 主要客群是年長者, 除了在甲板上走走, 為了消磨大家在船上的時間設有各式各樣不同的 Lounge, e.g. Piano Lounge, Sports Bar, Spa & Salon, Explorations Cafe…等, 還有網咖, 圖書館甚至 Casino, 還發現有拼圖哩; 另外還設有孩童遊戲間, 年齡層從 3-12yrs, 有各年齡層的玩具, 電玩, foosball...等; 游泳池有露天的也有活動天花板的室內游泳池, 每個泳池配兩三個 jacuzzi... 在阿拉斯加郵輪上就看不到什麼人在游泳, 頂多泡泡 jacuzzi...


在船上的時間大部分時候就是吃吃吃, 我們對吃不太挑, 還是覺得船上食物很 "dorm food", 既使是 sit-in 餐廳都沒有令人讚嘆的口感出現, 只是擺盤比較漂亮; 有自助式 Lido Restaurant 和帶位的 Vista Dining 餐廳 , 還有在露天游泳池畔的 Terrace Grill, 皆有時段性開放; 除了早餐有許多果汁, 免費飲料也只有茶,咖啡, 檸檬汁, 其它都要額外收費; 後來發現正式餐廳的菜單也有送到客房的服務, 之後就不自覺懶懶打電話叫了許多次晚餐在房內享用, 據說 Princess Cruise 的食物精采多了

@ Lido Restaurant
@ Terrance Grill

能夠 "get out of the routine" 整整一週真的很美好, 雖然奶還是得照餵, 尿布還是得照換, 換個環境心境就差很多, 至少不用站廚房, 查理斯也可以脫離每天掙扎八小時的慣例, 分出時間能陪伴小恩仔, 當然, 我們最喜歡的部分還是可以親眼見到阿拉斯加冰河的天然美景, 還能背著恩仔沐浴在大自然散步; 本來還擔心暈船的問題, 結果一切都很平穩, 感覺連恩仔也在這一個禮拜中有所斬獲, 至少他證明給爸媽帶他上山下海是沒有問題的啦!

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