Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paper Anniversary

Before the end March, I must document this very special day of the month, March. 4th, 2013.

Time flies so fast. I can’t believe it has been over one year already!! We postponed our honeymoon a year after the wedding so we were in Tahiti and her islands celebrated our one year anniversary. 

That day on March 4th was the day we left Moorea for Bora Bora. Before I packed the luggage, I jumped into the water for the last taste of Moorea’s crystal clear ocean from our overwater bungalow. When I got out of the water, a card was sitting on the footstool. That was the sweetest moment of the day. 

A simple card that is made out of paper is a perfect gift for the first anniversary. Even though those cute icons do not represent what we are just yet, I’m looking forward to see those toys cluttering up the house in the near future :)

Before we took off for the honeymoon, I ordered a custom World Word Map (which is also a paper gift) from inkofme’s Esty shop as an anniversary gift for him (and me). 

For example:

I got to decide the size, background color, and where to put the heart icon that is to say “Home is where the Heart is.”

I reused my old college cork board and painted the trim in black and the cork in white.

What I really want to do is to be able to pin the places that we travel world wide. Tahiti shall be the first pin but it’s too small to be on this map... :(

 Oh well, I just placed the pin wherever it should be...

I do appreciate the designer who keeps Taiwan with an initial “T” on the map. :)

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