Monday, August 31, 2015

Guest Room Progress Report - Part I

Weekend August 15-16 ; Fahrenheit 101
一邊吹著冷氣一邊敲出這幾個字: 老公真偉大!

恩仔的房間進度被催加成客房進度, 捏指一算距離恩仔外公外婆來訪只剩短短幾個週末, 查理斯連續兩週末在逼近華氏百度的氣溫下填玻璃棉, 安裝窗戶, 立 drywalls…

最苦的是為了防止玻璃棉絮殘留皮膚, 還必須得穿著長袖長褲, 帶著護目鏡面具... 冒著中暑的危險... (掌聲鼓勵鼓勵!)

查理斯重拆了家裡不少的牆, 這是第一次挑戰換窗; 由於原有的木框架設的很好, 沒有必要拆框, 所以只需要買好窗戶安上即可...

在 HomeDepot買了上下開關式窗戶, 花比較久的時間是在矯正上下左右平衡和刮去窗台上的舊漆


Monday, August 24, 2015

Turning Sixteen Months

第十六個月, 恩仔個性越來越顯明, 詞彙不斷地增加, 居然也開始會玩起辦家家酒, 拿著湯匙一口一口餵著他的布偶娃娃, 可愛極了!

媽媽我想來想去, 想增加一些生活新鮮度: 在家玩玩麵糰...

我們開始不定期地去市立圖書館的幼兒區, 有時還會遇上些小朋友交流交流:

能夠分秒感受你的成長, 真是做母親莫大的幸福...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Chinese Theater in Lego Town

This building is officially named Palace Cinema, pretty much a miniature of the world famous Chinese Theater on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Picture via

Despite most of the modular buildings are three-story, this cinema is a two-story building with a detailed lobby and a projection screen floor. It’s like the two-story Fire Brigade that comes with a fire truck, the cinema comes with a topless limo that’s supposed to take the celebrities to the premiere.

Since this is an imitation of the Chinese Theater, the Walk of Fame is an important detail. Moreover, Lego adds some element of humor if you read the movie posters closely. The brick separator actually comes in green! (it’s usually orange)

Here is the corner cinema that was built across the shopping mall. 

The mantelpiece is almost full!

<< Pet Shop

To Be Continued>>

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Out and About | Retreat at University of San Diego

This summer was the third time that we attended the church retreat in University of San Diego, a private Roman Catholic University in San Diego. The campus is full of antique 16th-century Spanish Renaissance architectural buildings. Here is no doubt one of the most beautiful college campuses in the state.
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