Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turning Eight Months

Happy Thanksgiving! Mommy is hanging behind updating little en’s monthly follow-up...

This month we’re having a special guest who plays little en’s twin sister:

They are so much alike!

Both of them like me reading to them too :) Whenever I opened a book and started to read, they would let down whatever they were doing and crawl like a jet toward me.

It’s nice to have a friend play together, isn't it? my dear.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Under the Water

Recently, a friend inquired about our extraordinary engagement session. I digged out those amazing photos and wanted to share here. I don’t think I’ve ever revealed our engagement photos. These photos were once again taken by Johnson Yang, the same photographer who shot our wedding, maternity, and baby little en.

It was a super fun experience. I remember I was having a hard time to sink myself to the bottom of the pool. Charles had no such problem on the other hand, so we tried out different positions so that the photographer could take better shots...

I think the most difficult part was to SMILE naturally. I couldn't help my facial expression to act normal under the water. It was too easy to come out the holding-the-breath look. Anyhow, I still think they are brilliant:

Thank you Johnson, for this memorable experience.

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