Sunday, April 30, 2017

Camping | First Camping of the Year at Cachuma Lake

Last weekend we went our first camping this year to Cachuma Lake in Santa Barbara. This is by far the most comfortable campsite that I’ve experienced. The fair amount of tall trees provided great size of shades. There were bugs around of course but they didn’t really sting us. (however we did have a friend got stung in the eye though… ouch…) I think it’s a very nice spot for first campers. The site even has hot water shower, 50cents every 3 mins! On top of that, Charles booked the campsite that was right in front of the lake. People said the lake used to be like a stream because of the drought. After the heavy rain last winter, the lake-view just AWESOME beautiful!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Turning Twelve Months

想記錄的事情已經列出好長一串, 每每晚間孩子入睡後都不想面對電腦, 以至於小樂樂的週歲之月都要過完了, 竟然都還沒貼上...

比照哥哥週歲, 我們給樂樂過了個簡單但非常開心的生日; 樂樂好像知道自己是主角似的, 本來只能走個五六步, 突然間整個趴趴走了起來!
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