Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We Bought A Gun

It makes painting so much easier. Four pieces of plywood? done within 2 minutes. More importantly, it doesn't give you the brush marks!

Hold steady and go.

The first try out would be our current ongoing project: built-in bookshelves. They are second hand Ikea IVAR pieces that I bought from a co-worker years ago. Never thought they could be used as built-in furniture.

We thought about HEMNES or BILLY bookcase but the adds up cost just hardly seems to worth it.

We'll see how IVAR goes.

Speaking of Ikea, 2014 Catalog is released!!! Take a sneak peak here.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Moving On

Finally, I can STOP talking about the living room/home theater progress and move on to a new space - Family Room. This space was originally designed to be a dining room. Given two people in the house, it’s kind of a waste to have a big fancy formal dining room that we barely use, so we (temporarily) transformed it into a family room.

We purchased this new 7’6” x 9’6” area rug on 4th of July sales, 75% off plus free shipping, chopping off from $593.25 to $197.75, which I believed it was a pretty good deal. The rug was bought for our new living room/home theater but we love that open hardwood feeling in the home theater so we moved it to family room to give it a try.

I gave the room a little decoration: Ikea LANTLIV plant stand, for some books, magazines and a vase with flower that I DIY a long time ago. Maybe some frames on the wall later.

This is by far the least work effort to transform a room but Charles won’t let it be so easy.

Next project:

We had something in mind a few months ago already and finally get it started!

Photographed by TheLetteredCottage
Source: designsponge

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Out and About | Revisit UCSD

以觀光者的身分重回待過四年的校園, 這種感覺十分微妙...

查理斯的表弟目前就讀我的母校 UCSD, 我們毛遂自薦接他回家過暑假, 順道在他的宿舍待了一晚
噢... 宿舍, 一個令人懷念過去又慶幸結束的地方...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Little Little This, A Little Little That

難得週間假日沒去看國慶煙火, 倒是在家裡完成了許多需要彌補的小工程


1. 原本的空隙, 裡面用木頭, 外面借用收納櫃其中一層的擱板填補起來; 靠牆的空隙也用木飾條加了邊, 形成一個完整的 built-in

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All Kinds of Seating Furniture

Recently, we are digging all kinds of seating furniture for our “forever-almost-finished” living room slash home theater. Sadly, good furniture doesn’t come cheap so we budget the money month by month to spread out the cost. We first found this swivel club chair in TJ Maxx and fell in love with its soft grain leather.

For the big sofa, we were looking for a white one, which gives more modern look like this:

After seating bazillion of couches and sofas, we changed our minds along the way:
  • From White to Brown → white may get dirty easily 
  • From Fabric to Bonded Leather to Grain Leather → given a reasonable price, a few bucks make a lot different 
  • From Sectional to Recliner → Sectional in the middle of the room makes the space much smaller. In addition, a set of recliner just seems so right for the home theater.
We found it here with a little discount
We try to fit a working area in the same room. A pair of office chairs is our next move. Currently, we are looking at this white high back office chair which we originally found a black one in Intercontinental New York Hotel. Although it is a bit stiffer than I expected, both of us love everything else about this chair.

I wish I can have a good picture to show the overall look but now the living room is full of boxes of lego XD !!

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