Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What’s on the Table

Charles and I decided to have a Chinese Banquet instead of western food by courses or buffet style. The catering company only offered disposal chopsticks. Therefore, we both thought a pair of chopsticks could be a great wedding favor for our guests. I found this supplier in Taiwan who offered minimum order of 200pairs of chopsticks with fairly good price. AND, it came with the colored pouch of your choice!! Pink of course. Charles and I made a little thank you note and tied a bow on each one of them.

The table sign was actually a photo frame from Ikea TOLSBY for $0.99/each which can displays one picture on each side. I used one side as a table sign and the other side as a menu.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Meeting New Friends in our Kitchen

This sarcastic strip is from a Taiwanese blogger who precisely describes the durability of different appliances and very much favors 大同電鍋.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Loads of Fun in the Laundry Nook

(80% Complete)

This “fun” belongs to Charles’... because he did the 90% of the job. Top notch!!
This is what I found that quite illustrates our plan for our narrow laundry nook:

From Mini Manor Blog

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dress the Venue

Carnation, is the featured flower that our wedding coordinator picked for us. From the aisle, centerpiece, to the reception desks, carnation was everywhere sparkling the venue in pink.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pink the Party

I've seen people choose black and white in American weddings, which looks beautiful, great contrast but definitely not the way to go because black and white are mostly used for grievous events in Chinese culture. Red and gold are the typical colors for Chinese weddings but we of course wanted to be more creative.


There are a lot more combinations that I believe they would look gorgeous in a wedding, such as yellow with gray, turquoise with pink…

Thursday, October 11, 2012

After Kitchen Becomes the Heart of the Home

(80% Complete)

千呼萬喚, 歷經一個多月的工程, 外加額外推拖拉個兩三個星期, 我們的新廚房終於初步完工!! 至少到此為止不會再有陌生人進入了!! 話說放棄了昂貴的開放式廚房, 一樣為了減少支出, 瓦斯和水管管線都維持原位; 曾經一度想硬把4~6人的餐廳空間劃進來, 但這麼一來幾乎沒有儲藏的空間, 於是大體上沒有做出大規模的改變...

最大的改變就是那只大冰箱的位置, 打掉了原有的早餐區隔牆, 空間加倍;

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Before Kitchen Becomes the Heart of the Home

(0% Complete)
本來和查理斯最初想動工地方是希望那唯一的大浴室可以一拆為二, 以增加房子本身的價值, 結果搬進來後用了兩個禮拜的廚房, 每次做菜血壓都會升高, 心情都會很壞…  基本上這個廚房還停留在50年代的模樣, 塑膠地板配上老態龍鍾的圖騰, 老舊的櫥櫃和泛黃的磁磚流理臺面… 我強烈的懷疑這個廚房從來沒有被翻新過…就連本來設計放入冰箱的空間還停留在過去單門冰箱的狹小尺寸… 讓人匪夷所思的是 前屋主很天才地把空間不夠的部分硬生生地切割過去, 造成更加狹窄的通道和一個偌大的冰箱卡在同為後門和廚房入口處的窘境…

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Battle of Closet Space

I gotta say, this hilarious post speaks 80% of the truth about our closet...

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