Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pink the Party

I've seen people choose black and white in American weddings, which looks beautiful, great contrast but definitely not the way to go because black and white are mostly used for grievous events in Chinese culture. Red and gold are the typical colors for Chinese weddings but we of course wanted to be more creative.


There are a lot more combinations that I believe they would look gorgeous in a wedding, such as yellow with gray, turquoise with pink…


After taking our personal preference and family members’ suggestions into consideration, we eventually settled on color of ----

Pink, was no doubt the first color we had in mind, not only I love this color very much but also one of Charles’ favorites (Yes, that is correct). However, “pink” can be very different: fuchsia, begonia, carnation, watermelon, rose petal, guava, coral, blush… are all considered “Pink”! To be specific, I was looking for a particular pink, according to pantone, honeysuckle that is, which is also the color of the year 2011.

I chose Silver as the secondary color at first but then found silver brought in a little bit coldness and more of a modern style. I later on changed to Gold, which brought in a warm and sparkle look to the wedding. However, only a few unnoticeable objects that were actually gold, such as tablecloths, ribbons, chair sashes... So, the entire wedding color scheme goes like: Ivory + Pink + Gold
I gave up being matchy matchy quite soon because it was impossible to get everything the exact pink I wanted. To be flexible, I accepted any pinkish colors that go with the subjects.

  • Bridesmaids’ Dresses → Fuchsia
  • Sash Belt →  Fuchsia
  • Hair Accessory → Fuchsia
  • Groomsmen’s vest and tie → Honeysuckle Pink
  • Invitation → Baby Pink
  • Centerpieces → Carnation
  • Brides’ Bouquet → Light Pink
  • Wedding Cake → Light Pink
  • Wedding Favors → Bubble Gum Pink
  • Money Box →  Pastel Pink

My mom even wore pink that day. Totally not purposely planned!
I should have given my dad a bright shining pink tie too... lol

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