Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dress the Venue

Carnation, is the featured flower that our wedding coordinator picked for us. From the aisle, centerpiece, to the reception desks, carnation was everywhere sparkling the venue in pink.

I mentioned that we wanted to spend a little more on decorating the venue when I deciding my dress. Charles and I eventually agreed on hiring a professional decorating company to do a simple, not too fancy decoration to our venue. Hiring a professional was indeed pricy. Instead of all the walls, we kept the big windows with the view of San Gabriel Valley open and selected two adjacent walls: 1. entry side 2. divider wall from the other rooms (C+D+E sections), to be decorated by ceiling-to-floor drapings and total of twenty pink uplights around the ballroom. These drapings simply turned a cafeteria-like giant space into a beautiful banquet ballroom.

Divider Wall

The white tablecloths were provided by the catering company. Unfortunately, the catering company only offered purple covers for the lazy susan, so we spent extra dollars to get 12 gold ones from downtown LA. Chair covers were provided by the florist company with the gold sashes we selected.

The DJ company provided a couple more spotlights and a crystal ball uplight, which was placed in the middle of the stage. It changed colors once in a while. I didn’t expect it would turn out to be this fancy!

It was really nice to see all the vendors spend their time and effort and cooperate with each other to make this event all so lovely.

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