Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Keep Children Away From Toxin in the Bathroom

從恩仔開始會翻箱倒櫃起, 做父母的就開始擔心孩子接觸到清潔作用的液體; 凡舉洗衣精, 各類清潔劑, 酒精, 漱口水, 漂白水等... 家中廚房和洗衣間放有防小孩的安全柵欄, 就是廁所問題比較大, 尤其遲早要學會自己上廁所, 於是廁所不再是禁地

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ultimate Changing Table

We bought this Ikea SNIGLAR changing table (the cheapest one in Ikea) when en was born. All the diaper changing, cloths changing, hair drying, and teeth brushing happen on this table in the bathroom. Now en’s sister little el has joined the family. This table carries out more duties than before.

First, Charles added the casters. Sometimes the table can be in a way. It is nice to have it movable.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Turning One Month

我的小天使滿月囉! 說她是個小天使因為出院後沒幾天她就自然而然調整了日夜顛倒的作息, 半夜可以安安靜靜地喝完奶直接再接著睡, 實在太神奇了

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