Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ultimate Changing Table

We bought this Ikea SNIGLAR changing table (the cheapest one in Ikea) when en was born. All the diaper changing, cloths changing, hair drying, and teeth brushing happen on this table in the bathroom. Now en’s sister little el has joined the family. This table carries out more duties than before.

First, Charles added the casters. Sometimes the table can be in a way. It is nice to have it movable.

Ikea offers tons of accessories that can be added onto this table. No.1 SKOTSAM changing pad. I don’t think the pad cover is necessary because it gets dirty too easy. The waterproof material is much easier to clean; just wash and wipe off the water, easy peasy. No.2 ONSKLIG racks for changing table. There are three storage baskets that in different shapes and sizes. We use one for medication like Desitin, Neosporin and shower gel for the little one; the other two for bath toys and hooks for washcloth. 

No.3 GRUNDTAL shelf, where we put the baby wipe container so that it doesn’t take any space on the table top. Charles purposely straightened the bent strip for the use in the kitchen. It works even better here on the changing table.

SNIGLAR table doesn’t come with shelves so we place a plastic organizer to store more stuff, like diapers, towels or cloth diapers. This plastic organizer came in three drawers. I took off one of them to fit underneath. The advantage of not having additional shelf is that we can even put little el’s bathtub underneath.   

Lastly, I put a nail on the side of the table to hang this “don’t-know-where-to-put-it” basin. We use this basin from time to time for some random usages and it always ended up on the floor. Now there’s a place for it, problem solved!


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