Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fireplace Makeover

一開始是冬天天氣冷, 缺少 Central air system 的情況下最冷的就是後來最常待的客廳影院了, 壁爐的大缺口是一大風口, 每每寒風中回到"溫暖"的家還要另加外套... 為了實現壁爐的真正作用, 又減低爐火燒的危險性, 終於砸下百元購入此款壁爐玻璃安全門:



Monday, February 16, 2015

Turning Ten Months

I completely forgot about updating little en turning ten-month-old! This Valentine little en is actually turning eleven-month already. He makes advances in communication and more interactions with papa mama each day! Let me go back and record what had happened in the past month:

Going to Costco with mama; the first time on the shopping cart! Little en starts to sit on the highchair in the restaurant as well. He behaves pretty well so far, probably because he hasn't realized the food on the table is far more delicious than what he gets for now…

If the sun is friendly, we go for a walk. We stopped by the park the other day. I thought he would reject being placed on the swing. I guess he likes it :) As long as I don't force him to eat or drink, he's a happy baby. XD

It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn’t.
-- Barbara Kingsolver


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DIY Wood Headboard

I never knew that a headboard could be THIS expensive! Couple hundreds or even over a thousand dollar for a cal king size headboard… There is no way that we’re going to spend that much on a piece of headboard. Thank goodness Mr. handyman has his way to achieve what we want. Small project No.2: DIY Wood Headboard

We’d been sleeping on a cal king mattress on its platform metal. There was a big gap between the mattress and the wall where my pillow often fell down to the floor. I once tried to use a lot of cushions stuff into the gap. It looked terrible and the cushions fell to the gap easily. Since little en now rolls and plays on our bed every night after the shower, daddy decided to expedite the headboard to seal the gap.

We first borrowed the idea from Pinterest. We attempted to up-cycle an old door to a new headboard. Charles spent a whole afternoon trying to get rid of the paint and realized, “Heck, I might as well just buy new plywood and make one. That ought to be quicker!”

Just like the gigantic mirror that he made a few months ago, cut → sand → stain → nail:

Add two supported legs

Hundreds bucks saved right there!

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