Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blocks Fever

There’s no doubt that I’m all obsessive with Lego’s Modular Buildings. There is something else quite similar, when it comes to picking out toys for little en; I find myself searching for wooden blocks all the time. Even though he shows a lot more interests in wheels as opposed to wooden blocks, I still collected a few types of blocks for him...

Here are a few picks that are irresistible to me:
This brand is made-in-Germany. These blocks are coated with beautiful colors and designed with creative shapes. However, they are pretty pricy. Their 6pcs famous rainbow costs $40!  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Halfway Done

Sorry Mom and Dad, we didn’t make it. BUT we promise that you will be moving to the temporary guest room before the coming weekend. Here’s the effort that Charles has accomplished so far:

Weekend September 12-13
All the walls are puttied and sanded for three times!

Weekend September 19-20
The first layer of the primer

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Turning Seventeen Months

little en is actually turning 18 months this week. I know I’ve been a lot lazy lately with getting more photos of him. We didn’t plan many outings recently because daddy has been working on little en’ room for almost every single weekend. Mommy needs to get back on the feet to take more photos even if it’s a rainy day at home…

Anyhow, we were invited to a birthday party at Chubby Cheeks Cafe, where Charles got some cute photos of little en :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Guest Room Progress Report - Part II

Weekend August 22-23 ; Fahrenheit 88

Weekend August 29-30 ; Fahrenheit 96
重新裝過無數 drywalls 的查理斯這一回是第一次挑戰天花板, 原先的天花板是目前被禁用的 popcorn ceiling, 拆牆時請人一併拆除了; 於是如何一個人完成拼裝天花板這項艱鉅的任務是這間房間的大挑戰, 查理斯運用槓桿原理以及木工的手法製作了一個機器, 將石灰板平放木條, 其中一端利用石磚的重量慢慢抬上...


就這樣, 嶄新的天花板一塊一塊的拼好了~

Weekend September 5-7; Fahrenheit 95
利用勞工節長假, 查理斯一口氣拼裝完所有的 drywalls


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