Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blocks Fever

There’s no doubt that I’m all obsessive with Lego’s Modular Buildings. There is something else quite similar, when it comes to picking out toys for little en; I find myself searching for wooden blocks all the time. Even though he shows a lot more interests in wheels as opposed to wooden blocks, I still collected a few types of blocks for him...

Here are a few picks that are irresistible to me:
This brand is made-in-Germany. These blocks are coated with beautiful colors and designed with creative shapes. However, they are pretty pricy. Their 6pcs famous rainbow costs $40!  
  • Wooden Story: Color Blocks & Stackers
I was so in love with Grimm’s Spiel’s color blocks but they are way too expensive, especially for a good size of blocks. I started to search for an alternative, and I accidentally found these great blocks while in Homegoods, Wooden Story from Poland, not only they are made with natural wood but colored with all eco-certified paints. The most important thing is that it only costs $19.99 for a bag of 50pcs XL blocks. The stacker is only priced at $12.99. Can’t complain.

Thank goodness I found Wooden Story in a retail store before Land of Nod’s introduced its It-Makes-a-Village-Blocks. They are very attractive to me. I love the irregular shapes and its colors but then again, expensive.

It Makes a Village Blocks

I’m also in love with Nod Blocks from Land of Nod, a very dangerous website for moms by the way:
Nod Blocks
Uncle Goose is famous for making all different kinds of square blocks, like classic abc blocks, number blocks, and blocks in different languages! The one that broke my wallet is the educational USA-blocks. It tells you the initial, the shape, the nickname, and the capital of each state. The blocks are just plain beautiful...  

Uncle Goose Blocks

This made-in-Japan set was already discontinued at Anthropologies when I found it on pinterest. I was lucky to find it on All the blocks are organized in a little wooden house. There’s a templet printed inside the house that tells you which block goes where. A few of the blocks contain magnets that lets you attach one to another.

What make tegu blocks special is that they hide the magnets inside the blocks. I think it’s a great innovation in the toy blocks world. I dare not spend another hundred bucks on Tegu blocks so I picked a small ROBO Set, which is probably a few of the more affordable sets that you can find in their collection =\  
Tegu Classic Blocks

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