Thursday, October 8, 2015

Travel | Catalina Getaway

2015.10.04 - 2015.10.05 Catalina Island, Avalon, California, United States

My parents have already visited a lot of touristy places around California in the past few years, such as San Francisco, San Diego, and of course Las Vegas. I tried to find a getaway destination that my parents have never been to and little en could also spend less time stuck in traffic. I came up with Catalina Island, so we took a two-day-one-night getaway to this boutique island last weekend.

We got a little wet while we were boarding but it couldn’t stop little en having fun :)

We stayed at Pavilion Hotel, which is perfectly located within walking distance from the port and located in the center of the restaurants and all the small shops. 14 steps away from the beach! The best part about this hotel is its beautiful garden where we got to hang out before checking-in and after checking-out. In the meantime, Charles was happily camping at Hermit Gulch Campground.**Stay away Mac Rae Hotel, worst booking and customer service ever!!**

Charles and I have been to Catalina Island for several times. We never really spent time at its small sections of beaches. However, it seems a perfect place for babies/ toddlers like little en, where we could freely let him play with sand, rocks and feel the ocean without worrying if the waves get too big or getting lost on a big beach.

We did some activities like took an hour golf car rental and drove it up to the hill where we could overlook the bay and took a walk to the iconic Catalina Casino building. The best part was the time we had to bond.

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