Monday, April 29, 2013

Travel | Camp in SLO

2013.04.20 - 2013.04.21 San Luis Obispo, California, United States

查理斯在 2012 年為了我們第一次的露營, @ Sequoia National Park, 買了第一份露營裝備:
Marmot Limelight 3P Tent Alpenglow

露營不但節省旅遊成本, 還無須特地安排假期, 是個相當有吸引力的旅行方式; 2013 年希望能把旅行的時間分配出來品嘗大自然, 一方面一直也想拜訪就讀 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 的表妹, 於是決定在 San Luis Obispo 簡單露宿一宿~

從洛杉磯約四個小時的車程, 先到 Downtown San Luis Obispo 逛逛


  • 在 Downtown San Luis Obispo 有條著名噁心地 Bubble Gum Alley, 話說自1950's 起累積了成千上萬的口香糖 (噁~)
  • 知名的果汁連鎖店 Jamba Juice 便是源起於 San Luis Obispo

大家在 California State Park, Montaña de Oro 集合紮營, 徒步約十分鐘便是美麗的峭壁海岸, 沿著規劃的小徑走著, 可以看見許多被海浪長期侵蝕的獨特紋路; 一轉身則是綿綿山巒座落在曠野裡...

親手搭帳篷露宿野外, 一邊體驗大自然的親和力, 一邊與眾朋友們圍爐營火, 大家一同說笑不停, 吃喝不盡; 可惜每次露營忙得不亦樂乎地搭帳篷, 生營火, 吃喝滿桌的景色全沒入鏡... (殘念!)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stick a Fork in the Floor

IT’S ALL DONE! Three days of work and here’s our shining glossy hardwood floor!

We emptied the rooms where the floors are made of hardwood: Living room/ Family room/ Hallway/ Guest bedroom; Such a rare opportunity to see thechusweethome all empty:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Imaginary Cozy Rooms

清空了的 Living room/Home Theater 讓我興致勃勃地想像了主客廳的傢具規畫:

使用已有的 Ikea MICKE desks, 搭配 Ikea BESTA storage units 希望可以實現想像中的 Home Office in Living Room

大窗下的 built-in bench 似乎也可以使用 Ikea BESTA 來完成:

當真是太陽底下無新鮮事, 才有的想法原來早已有熱愛居家 DIY 的部落客給實現了, 不過用的是 Ikea AKURUM:

Centsational Girl: We Have a Window Seat

上個週末為了地板打磨的緣故搬清了 Family Room 中所有的傢具, 於是腦中又浮現一片愜意小窩:

使用已有的沙發排排看; 本來一直很希望能擁有一個 L shape sectional, 基於節流以及原有的沙發還處於良好的狀態下而作罷, 暫時將一個三人座沙發和一個雙人沙發牽強地拼湊出sectional 的感覺...

搬空了的地板房間星期一開始打磨上色了! 紅牆白椅深咖啡地板, 期待中的模樣...


Monday, April 8, 2013

Almost There

“Is your living room done yet?” people asked. Well, yes and no. To me, it is not completely done unless I get to sit on a couch and watch a movie on the projector screen. We still have a few more steps to get there. Although the pictures may not show much difference, we have made a lot of progress since last update in February:
  • Finish the other side of the cove lighting
  • Two more speakers built-in in the ceiling
  • Projector pole and its electric work
  • Finish and paint all the trims
  • Clean up and mop the dusty floor  

It seems that we can start to enjoy the living room, but there is one more thing, quite important thing that I really want to do before any further moves -- REFINISHING THE FLOOR!! Our hardwood floor has scratches all over the place with yellowish old stained color. Especially after the renovation, there are more stains and paint that won't come off if we do nothing about it. :( That means we still need to endure it a little bit longer to say "DONE."
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