Monday, September 24, 2012

Everlasting Photo Album

婚紗攝影在台灣相當普遍化, 其實美國也有類似的engagement session, 意義相同只是手法不同; 台灣比較制式化, 服裝, 攝影, 景點, 甚至是照相的姿式相似度都很高; 美式風格的engagement session比較生活化, 自然柔和, 拍攝地點更多元, 可是美式攝影光是攝影師就價錢不斐, 其他如服裝, 化妝, 配件和男伴的打點等都是額外上加的費用, 另外也不流行製作成冊… 和查理斯決定擁有一套台灣的婚紗攝影後, 就著手在知名的VeryWed上瀏覽新人們的婚紗經驗談, 我和查理斯以中價位, 人為主景為輔的攝影條件還有各方評價為考量, 選入三四家婚攝公司比較配套,  攝影和風評, 最終以<曼哈頓麗緻婚禮>入選!! 不得不為它們打個廣告, 從頭到末了都有相當專業及親切的服務, 最後的成品也非常滿意~ 雖然荷包還是著實瘦了一圈, 但是附加產品和總括經驗還是讓人覺得相當值得…

Sunday, September 23, 2012

That Once in a Lifetime Dress

Ever since I started the wedding planning, I had been reading whole lots of wedding magazines. Every single dress looked so pretty. Just when I thought I would never make up my mind, White by Vera Wang collection caught my eyes. Model Rosie Tupper makes them so dreamy and gorgeous. It is nice that Vera is willing to join her upscale dresses with David’s Bridal at affordable prices. I couldn’t help falling in love with White by Vera Wang:

2011 Fall Collection
Along with my wedding dress hunting, I found myself learning a lot about a dress.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where We Say “I Do”

When the first time I walked in here, actually, just on the way to the hilltop, I could hear my heart beats tell me, this was the place! This was the place I wanted to hold the evening reception. I couldn’t believe myself that I lived in Diamond Bar for my entire high school years and had no idea there was a place like this!

Before we visited here, we prioritized our options for different venues:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Everything Needs a Start...

Hooray!! Finally the first post on thechusweethome!!

We used to have a wedding website @ knott set up that we never got to update or put anything there because we were all busy planning our hearts out for the big day. Now the wedding was over (for a while), and I realized how much fun planning stuff together with now call hubby, Charles. To have something to begin with, I would love to recall the wedding preparation process, and moreover, every milestone in our new sweet home.

Relationship Timeline
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