Monday, June 30, 2014

Never Too Old for Lego

My Lego fever started with this Hogwarts Castle; and then the dollhouse version of Haunted House. After these two sets, I can’t help falling in love with Lego Modules Building sets:

The first set I got is Grand Emporium which was released in 2010. Last night I checked on, the set was sold out; not sure if Lego is going to replenish the stock or let it become one of the retired buildings. Once Lego retires a popular set, the price will spike immediately in the second markets. I'm glad I got it before it’s too expensive to bid on ebay. 

My favorite part about Modular Building series is that they have four walls on all sides, not like Hogwarts Castle cu-in-half design that either the exterior or the interior side on display. Modular Buildings are all complete buildings. The designers actually design detailed floor plan for each floor and we're able to take down floor by floor.  

Mannequins on display

ToyRUs opens a retail here, selling balls, a dollhouse, and this scooter

Check out the third floor fancy chandelier!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Being Organized in the Kitchen

I’m definitely not a clean freak; however, keeping the house organized and neat is one of the challenges that I wish one day I can be somewhat closer to that goal. Here’s a start:

I remember when the kitchen layout designer that we hired back in 2012 asked us if we are certain to have the big wall cabinet with glass doors. I’m sure the solid doors make things easy. We can toss anything in the cabinet and hide all the mess; but I’m glad I say yes to the glass doors because being organized actually saves more spaces and keeps the kitchen more delightful. I love how our retired Starbucks mugs are displayed in the cabinet:

Since we started with this one organized cabinet, why not being organized for the pots and lids that hide inside the doors as well? We bought Rev-a-Shelf at Lowes. They are not cheap; in fact, quite expensive, so we only bought one of them to try it out. 

There are two tiers that operate independently: up for lids and down for pots. The pull-out basket design makes the pots and lids very easy to access without scratching each other. Because they are pretty expensive just for organizing purpose, we only keep this one, which carries 70% of our pots and lids anyway.

Doesn't it feel good to be organized?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Turning Three Months

Another wonderful month has passed. Little en is now turning three months. He realizes that he can control his hands and bring them close to his mouth, preferably left hand. We wonder that if he’s a lefty. His favorite activity now is to suck and inspect his fingers thoroughly. Sometimes I can hear him sucking his fingers, maybe the whole fist, in the middle of the night. :D

Watching Criminal Mind together...

I’m sure his vision is getting clearer each week. He can spot me from a few feet away and focus on objects that are in front of him. Look at him, fully concentrate on reading! Yeah, we found out he loves reading the warning labels too. XD  

The most outstanding progress this month is -- Making Friends!! (especially with such a pretty cutie friend!)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kitchen Window Treatments

不提完不了工的浴室了... 記得好久以前動工的廚房, 也是 thechusweethome 第一個大改造的地方, 面街的大窗戶一直遲遲都是紙糊遮蓋著, 最後終於用最原始的方式把 "窗簾" 給 "黏" 上去了:

說是窗簾, 其實這是一張桌布; 因為一直找不著和另一邊窗戶上部的短幔同樣 Bistro 調調的窗簾, 好不容易在 找到喜歡圖案,又與這面窗的大小大致吻合的一塊桌布

不過這塊桌布有點薄, 從街邊望進來晚上透光可以直透裡面, 在不會裁縫又懶得學的狀況下只好在裏層再黏上一層 sheer

本來打算只是暫時用用, 也過了數月了, 希望有朝一日可以改成 Roman Shades, 可以拉起來觀賞外面的街景: 

或著改成可以打開透風的 Bay Window!!

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