Monday, June 30, 2014

Never Too Old for Lego

My Lego fever started with this Hogwarts Castle; and then the dollhouse version of Haunted House. After these two sets, I can’t help falling in love with Lego Modules Building sets:

The first set I got is Grand Emporium which was released in 2010. Last night I checked on, the set was sold out; not sure if Lego is going to replenish the stock or let it become one of the retired buildings. Once Lego retires a popular set, the price will spike immediately in the second markets. I'm glad I got it before it’s too expensive to bid on ebay. 

My favorite part about Modular Building series is that they have four walls on all sides, not like Hogwarts Castle cu-in-half design that either the exterior or the interior side on display. Modular Buildings are all complete buildings. The designers actually design detailed floor plan for each floor and we're able to take down floor by floor.  

Mannequins on display

ToyRUs opens a retail here, selling balls, a dollhouse, and this scooter

Check out the third floor fancy chandelier!


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