Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Being Organized in the Kitchen

I’m definitely not a clean freak; however, keeping the house organized and neat is one of the challenges that I wish one day I can be somewhat closer to that goal. Here’s a start:

I remember when the kitchen layout designer that we hired back in 2012 asked us if we are certain to have the big wall cabinet with glass doors. I’m sure the solid doors make things easy. We can toss anything in the cabinet and hide all the mess; but I’m glad I say yes to the glass doors because being organized actually saves more spaces and keeps the kitchen more delightful. I love how our retired Starbucks mugs are displayed in the cabinet:

Since we started with this one organized cabinet, why not being organized for the pots and lids that hide inside the doors as well? We bought Rev-a-Shelf at Lowes. They are not cheap; in fact, quite expensive, so we only bought one of them to try it out. 

There are two tiers that operate independently: up for lids and down for pots. The pull-out basket design makes the pots and lids very easy to access without scratching each other. Because they are pretty expensive just for organizing purpose, we only keep this one, which carries 70% of our pots and lids anyway.

Doesn't it feel good to be organized?

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