Thursday, November 2, 2017

Special Edition of Halloween Costumes

I was never a fan of Halloween. I don’t really like the “scary” part of Halloween. For example, decorating bloody tombs and zombies in the front yard or hanging skeletons around the town sometimes made me a little uncomfortable. Nevertheless, wearing costumes has become a part of American culture at Halloween. I’m glad that it doesn’t have to be scary. There are more creative and funny costumes nowadays. This year I wanted to be creative too, so I planned and prepared little en and el’s very special costumes:  

I bought en’s schoolbag in one of the night markets in Taipei years ago just for fun. After little el was born, my mom found el’s mini schoolbag from a street vendor. I thought to myself, I’ll get them dressed the uniforms to match those schoolbags!
OMG! I love his expression so much!

It's almost impossible to find the real uniforms in their size, so I color matched their polo shirts instead. en's pants and little el's skirt are already owned.

Mini high schoolers in uniforms on Taipei Metro!
I can review these photos every minute forever...

Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Little Preview of Our Time in Taipei

這一次查理斯和恩仔很倒楣的停留了兩周"水量"很多的台北, 據說我們抵達之前天天都是萬里晴空! 十月中雨量甚至大到取消了原本預定的宜蘭之旅, 怨嘆啊... 不過回顧照片, 我們還是盡可能的過得豐富些, 尤其與相隔兩年多不見的老朋友相聚, 非常開心!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Turning Seventeen Months

還沒來得及補上第十七個月的紀錄, 第十八個月都要結束啦...
小樂在第十七個月尾聲發了玫瑰疹, 幸好在出發台灣前燒退疹子發

小樂從表姊那裏接手了好幾箱的美麗小女裝, 上個月整理衣服時, 發現好多衣服再不穿一轉眼就要穿不下了! 媽媽靈機一動, 運用現有的衣服材料玩變裝! 猜猜這位像是哪一位迪士尼人物呢?
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