Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Camping | Lake Arrowhead, Stay Close to Nature

Back in February this year we and a few families had a weekend getaway in a vacation rental at Lake Arrowhead. The house we stayed was enormously huge and had a spectacular view of Lake Arrowhead. Such a shame that we didn’t take enough good photos for this trip :(

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fourth of July in the Pool

當居家大部分的角落都告一段落時, 不由得開始動起整頓後院的腦袋, 一直以來都是廢棄建材堆積的後院, 在今年有了新的願景: 游泳池!! 自從坎昆之旅之後, 恩仔一直期盼著任何一個有游泳的機會, 於是我們著手計畫把後院的 shed 小棚屋拆掉; 首先要處理掉裡面歷年來累積的寶特瓶, 鐵鋁罐, 玻璃瓶等回收物, 於是恩仔陪我從年初慢慢回收換錢, 上個月查理斯也開始進行了拆除 shed 的工程, 就在國慶長假前拆除完畢!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Where to Hide the Toolbox

Charles, as a handyman, can’t get too far away from his tool bag. Where to hide the toolbox in the house? We thought about hiding it in the garage with the rest of the big tools. But our garage is a detached garage; it just takes too much time to get a few household tools. The toolbox had been sat on the floor in our laundry nook like forever. A few months ago, I finally came up with the weirdest idea, which we would not recommend to anybody, but somehow it works for us: We hide the toolbox in one of our kitchen cabinets
Charles bought a set of soft close drawer rail to make it retractable:
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