Friday, December 8, 2017

Shop For Christmas Gifts

Charles and I are pretty straight forward in terms of Christmas Gifts. We just tell or give obvious hint to each other what we really want. A couple months ago, Charles “requested” this Lego Apollo Saturn V. I was like, “sure, not a problem. I’ll wait till Lego's VIP double points promotion and buy it then,” but the set was so popular and sold out instantly. It had been out of stock for the longest time. “Great,” I thought to myself, “I probably need to postpone it to the next year as his birthday gift.” What went well was that just a few days ago I was thrilled to find out one of the nearby Toys R Us had it in stock! What came even better was that the lady at the register gave me 30% off for waiting in the line for half an hour! Woohoo!  

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Travel | Spending a Night at the Zoo

這次留台, 本來預訂了宜蘭民宿, 結果東岸狂風暴雨只能悻悻然取消, 臨時擇日訂下六福莊兩天一夜專案, 體驗與長頸鹿犀牛等動物們共度一宿!

- 住宿一晚
- 活力早餐
- 風味晚餐
- 六福村主題樂園二日券
- 動物互動體驗二選一(狐猴/羊駝)
- 非洲營火面具節晚間活動

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Turning Eighteen Months

小樂的第十八個月一整個是在台灣度過的... 沒來得及照好 Monthly Photo, 就借一下小綠綠吧!

在台灣最後兩周, 沒有與哥哥相處的日子讓小樂充分體驗獨生女的滋味...公公婆婆還陪睡呢! 以至於回家後還花了幾天矯正自己入睡的習慣
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