Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Mirror, the Vanity and the Wardrobe

Apparently, sharing this built-in closet that Charles redid a while ago is not enough for all my clothes, even I tried to get rid of my old clothes as many as possible when I moved in.

So, I created a corner of my own from all years accumulating Ikea products:

我們的主臥房其實不小, 於是我借了查理斯單身時代的小衣櫥 (Ikea-no longer available) 來收納更多的衣服, 還有我單身時代使用的小梳妝台(Ikea MALM dressing table), 鑲上一面鏡子 (Ikea KOLJA mirror); 安上個小擱板 (Ikea EKBY wall shelf) 放置一些書籍和裝飾

上回提及的藍色小盆花, 就在這裡啦!

我還找到這只木頭掛勾 (Ikea MOLGER hook rack), 懸掛項鍊腰帶等小物
另外這個 earrings solution, 則是在 BIG LOT 找到的 @$10.00.

這個腳凳當椅子也當儲藏箱, 是在ROSS撈到的寶 @$39.99, 可以藏入更多的包包, 旅行包等

空間, 永遠都不夠~

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still a Work in Progress

It’s time to give our living room a progress report.


一月新年一過, 查理斯的假期也跟著結束了, living room 的進度就只能在周末趕工, 查理斯希望能在一月份結束前徹底完工, 可惜我們接連感冒病倒了, 於是目前最遲希望能在二月中旬正式完工...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Floor Plan at Three Stages

This is the original floor plan when Charles moved in to this 1929 old house back in 2009. Although the entire of living space is pretty good size about 1,330sqft, there are only 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Yes, sadly ONE bathroom.
**Not fit to scale**

Right after I moved in to this place, we began to turn this place, now called thechusweethome, completely upside down.

Here is the list of the major changes to the living spaces during the past ten months:
  1. The original dining room was designed in the middle of the house. It was not practical for two of us dining in such big formal dining room. Therefore, we changed this space to a cozy family room. (In addition, the living room in the front was too cold to stay anyways. Charles had his bachelor futon and a big TV in this room  already when he moved in.)
  2. As we remodeled the kitchen, we tore down the non-sense walls that separated the breakfast area. This so-called “nook” is now nice and big that can fit a dining table for four!
  3. We designated a space for laundry plus an additional storage room behind the laundry area.
  4. We are now transforming the living room into a home theater living room.

We really put a lot of thoughts into thechusweethome and we try as hard as we can to turn this house to a home we adore. Charles and I often talk about a future floor plan that involves more bedrooms and baths as we expect our family to grow bigger. I took some time to make this imaginary plan visualized. Although I can’t be sure if this plan will ever happen, it’s good to have a goal in mind that we can look forward to:

1. A third bedroom to be extended from the existing living spaces

2. Definitely a second bathroom for our own 

Great space planning for a Mater Bed + Bath + Walk-in Closet (Source)

3. My dream of a walk-in closet

Walk-in closet next to master bathroom (Source)

4. Charles’ expectation of french doors that open to the back yard 

Oh, our dreams...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Something Blue

This is nothing about weddings at all. 

Something old: 
這是大半年前參加婚禮拿回來的 Centerpiece:
Something new: 
幾個月前在 Michaels 找到這只大拋售的插花, 雖然與原先的鮮花相差甚遠, 不過看中了藍色的花, 而且從$39.99下殺到$7.99 

分解開來, 去蕪存菁, 把不喜歡的部分除去, 底部是個 Mason jar

Something borrowed: 
跟用來修飾牆壁的 sample paint "借"一點漆, 變成乳白色的花瓶, 至於這個花瓶座落哪裡還有待計劃...

Pinterest Challenge Time!! Difficulty: Easy

Something blue: 目前設定每個房間有個 theme color, 很喜歡這個藍色, 於是這株小盆就成為其中一間房的小裝飾, using blue as the pop color in the room:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

In the Middle of Chaos

Charles has this craziest idea about turning our living room into a home theater. Such as...

Leon Speakers Design

This past weekend he completed tearing down all the walls, stuffing some itchy fiberglass up for insulation, and rebuilding a few pieces of drywalls. See that cove lighting in the above picture? I believe that is going to be his next move.

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