Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Floor Plan at Three Stages

This is the original floor plan when Charles moved in to this 1929 old house back in 2009. Although the entire of living space is pretty good size about 1,330sqft, there are only 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Yes, sadly ONE bathroom.
**Not fit to scale**

Right after I moved in to this place, we began to turn this place, now called thechusweethome, completely upside down.

Here is the list of the major changes to the living spaces during the past ten months:
  1. The original dining room was designed in the middle of the house. It was not practical for two of us dining in such big formal dining room. Therefore, we changed this space to a cozy family room. (In addition, the living room in the front was too cold to stay anyways. Charles had his bachelor futon and a big TV in this room  already when he moved in.)
  2. As we remodeled the kitchen, we tore down the non-sense walls that separated the breakfast area. This so-called “nook” is now nice and big that can fit a dining table for four!
  3. We designated a space for laundry plus an additional storage room behind the laundry area.
  4. We are now transforming the living room into a home theater living room.

We really put a lot of thoughts into thechusweethome and we try as hard as we can to turn this house to a home we adore. Charles and I often talk about a future floor plan that involves more bedrooms and baths as we expect our family to grow bigger. I took some time to make this imaginary plan visualized. Although I can’t be sure if this plan will ever happen, it’s good to have a goal in mind that we can look forward to:

1. A third bedroom to be extended from the existing living spaces

2. Definitely a second bathroom for our own 

Great space planning for a Mater Bed + Bath + Walk-in Closet (Source)

3. My dream of a walk-in closet

Walk-in closet next to master bathroom (Source)

4. Charles’ expectation of french doors that open to the back yard 

Oh, our dreams...

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