Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wanna Visit a Haunted House

I got my “the other house” fixed up before Halloween! I believe this is the best current product among all kinds of houses/buildings that LEGO introduced. 

The landmark architecture is more about the appearance of the finished architecture. They are pretty cool but contain less fun elements from my point of view.
Example: Tower Bridge
A few of Creator buildings are so cute! If you’re willing to invest the collection, soon or later you’ll get a big city! I wish I could but I tried to refrain myself from breaking my bank…

The drawback is that once the building is done, it’s hard to move or change the interior design with the ceiling covers it all.

And then here comes the Monster Fighter's Haunting House. The story may not be the popular one (detail) but the house is reeeeeally awesome! Just like a dollhouse, I get to open up the whole house in half and actually move the furniture and characters around. Sweet~  
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I'm having fun :D

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Annette Huang said...

Agree!! I love the doll-house feel the best!

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