Monday, November 4, 2013

Two Months Later

Yep, this is the current status of our bathroom. You may not see much differences from the last update when we demolished the bathroom: 

Obviously, both floor and ceiling are gone and we’ve got a spiderman climbing in the attic!

Yes, that's my husband up there, super
It may seem not much of the progress from the pictures but the most difficult jobs are invisible: (1) Plumbing, (2) Electrical and (3) Ventilation. Charles has relocated the pipes according to the layout we’d like, added and moved some electric outlets to the right places, and Installed the proper ventilation. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping that we can pass the inspection for the first try.
Charles: "Those black pipes are part of the DWV system, Drain Waste Vent (piping) system, so one part (bottom portion) serves as drain and waste while the top serves as vent system. Vent sewer gas and also to provide pressure equalization for the water to drain properly..."

All these beyond-my-knowledge-work are all done by Charles himself. Maybe I should invite him to write a guest post to explain all these processes.

I'm guessing this is how he soldered the copper pipes together

"Honey, would you be interested in writing a guest post?"

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