Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Living in the House Without Bathroom

We’re not kidding. Our house is now a house with two bedrooms and zero bathroom. Let’s just keep how we solve our bathroom needs under the hat…

We hired out the demolition. Only one day of work everything was gone. I thought it would be bigger when the room is empty but it actually seemed much smaller!

We got bad luck that the demo guys accidentally cracked the shared wall of our bedroom :(
So Charles got some additional work to patch the wall.

And then the crazy man decided to do the plumbing work himself so he tore down the floor like this:

It’s interesting to see how those not-according-to-code piping, structure, etc. turned into that weird layout bathroom. We can even tell the previous owner moved the bathroom entry closer to the bedroom but we can't understand why. Oh dear, it’s a pretty scary room now… 

Why we’re doing this to ourselves? because we figure once the little one comes to join us in the house, we would hardly find time to get the bathroom the way we want. We’re aiming to turn this only bathroom to be more spacious and more efficient to use. Most importantly, a safer bathroom for the little one. :) 

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