Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tackling the Bathroom

Before we get the new built-in bookshelves done, we have something else in minds... Here comes the new category in thechusweethome: Bathroom!!!

What isn’t working:
1. The former owner left us a huge big tub that we rarely use because our water tank cannot supply that much of water to keep it full and warm
2. The toilet is tucked in the corner of 20” wide space, not permitted by the way

3. This gigantic tub occupies almost 1/3 of the bathroom that leave us no storage space, not even a good space to walk or turn around.

4. The shower room is away from the windows with bad ventilation system, signs of molds everywhere
5. One tiny single vanity and one mirror medicine cabinet we need to fight for when both of us attempt to use it at the same time

I think the above is designed for a single person who doesn’t have friends to come visit... not very guests friendly.

Our Plan (138” x 82.50”):

  • Tear down the entire bathroom, including tiles, walls, lighting, everything!
  • Get rid of that completely useless enormous massage tub and the single vanity
  • Rearrange the layout with: X-Large tub (72” x 36”), double vanities and a toilet
  • Maximizing the space with a shower/tub combo
  • Install adequate ventilation system and lighting 

 I need some pretty pictures to keep my dream alive...

Houzz I: "Love the decor storage that attached to the tub"
Houzz II: "Tub and shower combo; love the bathroom in ocean blue color"

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