Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Expanding the Chu’s Sweet Home

Every project gets so slow in August; mostly half done, unfinished, pending, to be continued...

To make Charles less stressful, I memo here in Chinese:

  • 家庭影院 BESTA 牆櫃
  • 固定拉門
  • 拉門重新噴漆
  • 廚房窗簾
  • 客廳書櫃
  • 客廳油漆
  • 床頭板上色
  • 浴室...

Everything gets a little slower than we expected because we’re expanding the Chu’s Sweet Home in different way. 

Guess what?!?!

We kept it to ourselves for a while only because we wanted to wait for the bump to make this photo project! XD

Yes, and we’re THRILLED!!


Cathy Chang said...

Congratulations!!!!!! SO THRILLED for you guys! :D That'll be baby #14 in New Life next year!!!!!

Cathy Chang said...

Feels like we can totally do a baby dedication ceremony ha ha

Adele said...

Oh yeah i should comment here, not just fb....ok....WHAT!!!!!!!! How can you keep it so "lowkey" for .....for how long? When did you find out? How many weeks now?

Amy WanJung Lin said...

so cute~~~

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