Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where We Say “I Do”

When the first time I walked in here, actually, just on the way to the hilltop, I could hear my heart beats tell me, this was the place! This was the place I wanted to hold the evening reception. I couldn’t believe myself that I lived in Diamond Bar for my entire high school years and had no idea there was a place like this!

Before we visited here, we prioritized our options for different venues:

  • Seafood restaurant is indeed the cheapest choice but I certainly want a dance floor, which is something unlikely to happen if we go for seafood restaurant.
  • Golf course always has beautiful surrounding but Charles and I agreed on Chinese food by courses. Most of the golf courses serve western-style food and restrict to their own vendors and caterers.
  • Hotel restaurants, such as Hilton and Pacific Palms, serve Chinese food and offer a dance floor but price can be very expensive...

There was no doubt that DBC was the best choice for our wedding venue. The most valuable thing I loved about Diamond Bar Center was that it is secluded on the top of the hills. If you book the Grand View Ballroom, you basically book the entire Diamond Bar Center and its beautiful views of the San Gabriel Valley because there is only one giant ballroom available! It is nice to know that your evening banquet would not be disturbed by any outsiders.


Since there is only one ballroom, I can imagine how popular it turns out to be. We walked in June, 2011 and were told that all the Saturdays in 2012 are booked!! I loved this place so much that we backed down the option from Saturday to a Sunday wedding. There were only a few opens in spring. We quickly decided the date: March 4th, 2012 and memorized it as 1 · 2 · 3 · 4!! No excuses for forgetting it. Charles and I set a maximum of 200 guests, so we chose Grand View Ballroom A&B with a 500sq.ft. dance floor, which gives us a dining capacity of 255. Considering having a Sunday wedding at church might be a hassle for the church and its staff, we decided to book Grand View Ballroom C,D&E to be our ceremony site. DBC’s staff was so nice to allow us to book the C,D&E rooms just for a few hours to save our pocket :)


 Check out how we turned this giant plain space into a warm banquet.


And after's...


 We totally took a lot of advantage of this beautiful site:


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