Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stick a Fork in the Floor

IT’S ALL DONE! Three days of work and here’s our shining glossy hardwood floor!

We emptied the rooms where the floors are made of hardwood: Living room/ Family room/ Hallway/ Guest bedroom; Such a rare opportunity to see thechusweethome all empty:
Living Room/ HomeTheater

Family room

Guest Bedroom
We hired this floor refinishing team who gave us about $1.7/sqft for total approximately 700sqft with two coatings. They even patched two old airflow vents on the floor. We didn’t bother to knock down the price and the guy surprisingly offered us $50 dollars discount from $1250 to $1200 when I wrote the check.
打磨過後的木板地明亮潔白, 似乎不上色也很不錯, 但最終選用深一點的咖啡色
We chose MINWAX Jacobean

自搬進來後陸陸續續都在大小施工, 總是亂無章法一直沒有機會感受家中空無一物的感覺, 希望藉由打磨的新地板, 重新排列的傢具, 養成物歸原位的好習慣 :)

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