Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What’s on the Table

Charles and I decided to have a Chinese Banquet instead of western food by courses or buffet style. The catering company only offered disposal chopsticks. Therefore, we both thought a pair of chopsticks could be a great wedding favor for our guests. I found this supplier in Taiwan who offered minimum order of 200pairs of chopsticks with fairly good price. AND, it came with the colored pouch of your choice!! Pink of course. Charles and I made a little thank you note and tied a bow on each one of them.

The table sign was actually a photo frame from Ikea TOLSBY for $0.99/each which can displays one picture on each side. I used one side as a table sign and the other side as a menu.

This floor plan was made by super geeky Charles who insisted to create a computer finished file. We had it printed to direct our guests to their tables.

For the welcome desks, we had 4 tables that were lined in two L shapes:

1. Signing table with a money + card box; i found this handmade-like guest book from Michaels. I replaced the original paper rope on the side with soft pink ribbon. 
2. Gift table with bible and cross. This cross is a gift from my dearest mentors :)

 3. Two scrapbooks that we made for each other

 4. Escort cards; I bought a bottle of embellishments flowers from Michaels as well.

What else is interesting on the table? a bridal straw! It’s pink too!

Too bad that I lost it after the wedding :(

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