Monday, July 22, 2013

Moving On

Finally, I can STOP talking about the living room/home theater progress and move on to a new space - Family Room. This space was originally designed to be a dining room. Given two people in the house, it’s kind of a waste to have a big fancy formal dining room that we barely use, so we (temporarily) transformed it into a family room.

We purchased this new 7’6” x 9’6” area rug on 4th of July sales, 75% off plus free shipping, chopping off from $593.25 to $197.75, which I believed it was a pretty good deal. The rug was bought for our new living room/home theater but we love that open hardwood feeling in the home theater so we moved it to family room to give it a try.

I gave the room a little decoration: Ikea LANTLIV plant stand, for some books, magazines and a vase with flower that I DIY a long time ago. Maybe some frames on the wall later.

This is by far the least work effort to transform a room but Charles won’t let it be so easy.

Next project:

We had something in mind a few months ago already and finally get it started!

Photographed by TheLetteredCottage
Source: designsponge

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charlestonchu said...

I like the very last picture...
If we do that grey for the family room... you see that between the doors and the shelves, there's a little border of green wall? I personally think that'll just make things pop/look great. I'm currently planning on leaving a 2 inch border of wall around the sliding door frame and top crown moulding and shelf sides.

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