Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A New Plan for en’s Bedroom

第二間房間長久以來是個儲藏室, 頂多成為一個不很體面的臨時客房, 從來都是亂糟糟充滿灰塵... 自 Master BedroomLiving room 植入隔熱玻璃棉, 這是最後一間還在冬冷夏熱的房間; 查理斯稍微暫停手邊的 Small Projects, 打算再度破牆翻新, 畢竟這終究是要"還"給小恩仔的房間...

暫定 Floor Plan:

查理斯月初拿到 permit:

  1. Replace two existing windows
  2. Install insulation
  3. Replace wall and ceiling drywall
  4. Install new outlets

媽媽我早早就 pin 了一堆小孩房, 如今可以開始讓這些靈感慢慢拼湊在一起...

**What I love about this room**: A crib and a twin bed in the same room

**What I love about this room** The gray wall and its pop out natural green

**What I love about this room** The vertical 4x2 Ikea Kallax toy storage

**What I love about this room** A teepee in the bedroom

**What I love about this room** The giant world map decor poster

**What I love about this room** Contrasting wall colors, the floating bookshelf, and the cute striped baskets!

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