Thursday, April 30, 2015

Where Did the Remote Go

Something non-toyish are always kid’s favorite. I bet they love their home remote control much more than their toys… Charles decided to have a designated place for the remote and here’s where he found, not so much practical because I’m usually too lazy to get up and walk to that TV shelf. Anyhow, it is a guaranteed out-of-reach place from children though.

I was a little embarrassed with posting this teeny tiny project of Charles’. But then, I found that people actually sell this kind of product online. Some of them are even at a very ridiculous price like $107 on Amazon!!

First cut, sanded, and sprayed paint a piece of wood about two feet long.

Measured the length between the original TV brackets and used that measurement to install two additional brackets on that piece of wood.

Screwed them together…

There you go! Total cost for this project: $4.00 for two pieces of metal.

I know, my Lego modulars block most of the TV… I moved them here temporarily because Charles was upgrading the mantel at the same time...

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