Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Little en’s First Year Photo Project

Inspired by Making it Lovely, I took a monthly photo of little en wearing the same shirt, in the same background for the first year of his life. The photos were mostly taken by me but it became more and more difficult to keep little en staying still, so daddy gave a hand for the 11th and 12th month shoots. I tried to pick the “milestone” shots like 5-month sitting up, 6-month crawling, and 12-month growing two little teethes. They are obviously not professional shots. I didn't even attempt to post process these photos. You may see the lighting is different, some blurry here and there, and many of them are not even in the same setting. Anyhow, the whole point is to document the rapidest growing moment from a baby to a toddler. It is so much fun to see him grow from each month especially when all the pictures were gathered together!

Hope you enjoyed your first 12 months my love :D

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