Monday, January 11, 2016

Move-in Condition

Little en’s room is finally in move-in condition:

I picked out the ceiling light a long time ago from west-elm on sales. The pendant ceiling light that we temporarily held has the same problem when it was hung in the family room (see here): The chain was too long. It was too easy to bump into our heads. 

Therefore, I got to shop around the new lighting (we usually tend to use what we already own). Here were a few options that we considered:
Sources are listed below links

No.1 and No.2 are both from west-elm. Charles and I love No.2’s design very much. However, it’s a little too big to fit in en’s room; Plus, it’s a $100 more expansive. No.3 is from Land of Nod; pretty much the same concept as west-elm’s mobile chandeliers, but it requires 12 bulbs, which is quite a lot bulbs... No.4 is from Ikea. Charles and I call it “death-star” ceiling light. It’s interesting but too dark to light up the entire room.

So, here’s the winner:

On the other hand, Charles made this ugly gap between the baseboard and the floor less ugly by adding another thin trim.

Finally, it’s my turn to touch up the room! Next: Book Nook.

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