Sunday, January 24, 2016

Little Book Nook


Aren’t they like the pictures from Pinterest? I finally got the open book shelf to be mounted the way I wish for! I didn’t want to push Charles too hard so I asked him to mount one shelf per night. He probably didn’t like to waste his time to have this small project last for a whole week. He finished in two nights. XD (Woo-hoo!)
Pinterest: vs. Copycat

I got this cloud shelf inspiration from Etsy but refrain from spending a penny.
Etsy: Cloud Wall Shelf

Therefore, I took a carton box lid and cut the cloud shape like this, and then asked Charles to spray paint to white. Cost: $0.00 (If it doesn't count the white spray paint that we already used for multiple small things.)

I picked out Ikea TJUSIG hanger to hang little en’s cute backpacks and accessories...

Although this book nook looks all so beautiful to me, little en can barely reach the first shelf. I like the idea that children can go freely take a book they like at anytime they want. I plan to have another bookcase (maybe another Ikea KALLAX that sits in our garage) where little en can enjoys reading whenever. Next: Upcycle Shoe Cabinet Wall Decor

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