Friday, January 29, 2016

Out and About | Family of Three at LA Zoo

Today is a very nice warm day for this el nino winter. 70°F!! We decided to take little en to Los Angeles Zoo before he meets the admission requirement (free admission before two). Most importantly, there is not much time left for us as a family of three.

LA Zoo is quite big. This was how much we covered in 4hrs outing at the Zoo. I didn’t realize there’s a Family Children’s Zoo on the right side. We will definitely start from there the next time when we visit with little en’s sister.
Map Source

Little en already learned a few animals so he was very excited to see the real one, like lion, elephant, giraffe, and Zebra!

It’s like a perfect day and the perfect time to visit the Zoo; not too cold, not too hot, not too crowded… just a lovely day.

Wow, you don't say, my belly is pretty BIG!

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