Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Teepee in the House

I’m really excited here to cross out the last item, a teepee, on my e’s bedroom’s wish list:

 (the crib is currently in use by little el in the master bedroom)
* >>>>>>>>>> A teepee <<<<<<<<<<
* A giant world map (from Ikea)

The reason for such delay is because a nice looking toddler size teepee is very expensive. For example, this one from land of nod costs more than $100. When I showed Charles the picture of the teepee I was looking for, he told me he can easily make one under $20 dollars. It eventually came out to be a little more than $20 but definitely less than $100. XD

He bought four dowel rods from Home Depot, $5 each; and I found my college bed sheet in the attic and used it as the tent.

Charles then calculated his engineering math and then BOOM!

I’m super proud that my husband knows how to use sewing machine!

He even made a front opening!

To hold up the teepee, Charles drilled holes on each dowel rod and used a cord to hold them together. I know this may not be the most secure solution but so far so good. Mommy plays “big bad wolf” or Gruffalo and little en hides himself in the teepee is now his favorite game.

What I love most about little en’s room is that I get to rearrange his toddler size furniture a lot. I added an old coffee table, where we can read, do puzzles, and play board games together.

I also bought this sling bookshelf for book lover en so that he can keep books off the floor himself. I still love the decorative wall mount bookshelves. It’s just more practical to teach en to keep things organized.

We have the perfect place to hang out in rainy days. The baseboard heater sure makes the room the most comfortable room in the house!

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