Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So Nice to See You Again

**Wow, this is the first time that Charles actually demands a post!**

It proves that we’re able to live without you but we sure miss you so much!!!!

Charles first completed the floor tiling in one night. Apparently, this move is called “buttering”. We chose the bigger rectangle tiles instead of the square ones so Charles needed to apply the thinner to both cement board and the tile itself to keep it steady.

Don’t forget to place the tile spacers between tiles to establish even grout lines.

And then, he used a jigsaw with a diamond tip blade to cut the circle to fits the toilet ring. This process needs to be very slowly and always keeps the blade wet to keep it cool.

Before placing the toilet, Charles used the rubber ring instead of old-fashion wax ring to seal the toilet ring. Water resistant is the key but the rubber one is more flexible, easier to install.

After laying the tiles, the gaps between the tiles would be filled with grout. See the difference? Neat!

Last but not least, we made up our minds and ordered this 60” double-sink-vanity! We visited Modern Bathroom showroom in Fountain Valley and selected this guy. We thought buying the cabinet and countertop separately might save us some money but it turned out buying the prefab stand alone unit is the most economical choice. We're now looking forward to see a super giant box within 3 to 4 weeks at our door.

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