Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wall of Love

Oh my oh my, it’s time to count down for Baby Chu’s arrival! Doctor says it is considered full term after 36 weeks, which means going in labor can happen at any time! Copying Chandler’s tone: “Can it beeee any scarier?!?!”

At least we have Baby Chu’s nook all ready; and Charles finally hung the frames on the wall. Let’s call it the wall of Love :) Thanks to all our beloved friends for all the sweet gifts to make this nook all so beautiful. See this colorful Skip Hop crib mobile, changing pad and its cute cover, and the pretty diaper basket:

Check out this handmade cap for newborn (here)

I used spray paint to cover up these 99¢ frames. I meant to put baby Chu’s photos but before we get there, I just printed out some cute animal pictures for now.

I cut some ads paper to tell Charles where I wanted those frames go to. 

Aw... I'm looking forward to see Baby Chu lying in the crib or on that changing table... well, probably when he's asleep...

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