Friday, March 18, 2016

Travel | I Miss You, San Diego

2016.02.26 - 2016.02.27 San Diego, California, United States

We arrived San Diego a day before Jess’s wedding to enjoy the nice breezy ocean side. We “finally” got to lunch at Phil’s BBQ. I say “finally” because it always lines up like this picture that made us give up every time. The waiting line doesn’t seem too bad on a casual Friday.

We stopped by aircraft carrier Midway after lunch. We didn’t get on the aircraft; just stayed on the lawn where little en could run freely and chase the big giant bubbles.

Something you have to do: kiss someone in front of the Unconditional Surrender Statue!

We spent some time at Seaport Village as well. It is always a pleasure to visit some touristy places without whole bunch of people.   

We stayed at Hyatt House Sorrento Mesa for one night. Little en refused to get into the water but insisted on taking a leg length dip in both heated pool and Jacuzzi, back and forth. XD

The hotel is 15mins away from La Jolla Shore so we woke up a little early to taste the ocean before we headed to the wedding.

Oh… I miss you so much, San Diego...

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